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Top rated tattoo and piercing studio in Hyderabad showing the google reviews score for the top tattoo studio near me

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Our skilled artists transform your visions into vibrant and meaningful ink, creating unique chapters in your life's narrative.


Our expert piercers blend precision with style, offering a curated selection to enhance your own individuality and empower your self expression.









You will love our simplicity

Consultation to Aftercare - everything made EASY!

Our motto is to connect with your imagination and transform it into a stunning piece of art, which not only looks appealing but is also eccentric. Don't worry if you do not have a clear idea of WHAT to get INKED, we would love to mirror your best interests, impose our creativity, reanimate it and last but not the least -Ink it and that too at an amazing price!

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Contact us

Please fill the FORM or call us on +918886886600 to discuss your concept. 


Let's get a hand drawn custom design exclusively for you by our experienced Tattoo Designers. 

Get Inked

Take a back seat! Enjoy our studio's ambience and music while we give you an overwhelming tattoo experience.

Our Philosophy

Ink. Piercings. Stories. Self . . .

We strive to not just adorn the body but to tell stories, evoke emotions, and empower our clients to embrace their authentic selves. It's not just about the ink and metal; it's about embracing your uniqueness and wearing it proudly.

Don't worry if you do not have a clear idea of WHAT to get INKED, we would love to mirror your best interests, blend our creativity, reanimate it and Ink it.


At Guns and Inks tattoo and art studio, we offer a wide range of services in tattoos, piercings and permanent makeup, to meet your individual needs. Our team comprises of some of the top-rated tattoo artists in the city, who specialize in creating custom tattoos that are unique and meaningful. Being one of the top tattoo studio in Hyderabad, we are committed to providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere and use the highest quality inks, needles and equipment. We follow least painful piercing techniques and offer a wide variety of piercing jewelry. Our prices are competitive, and we offer FREE consultations to ensure you get the perfect tattoo. We prioritize customer satisfaction and work hard to make sure your experience with us is enjoyable. Finally, we are experienced and knowledgeable, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands.

Medha Deb

“I walked in yesterday with a lot of apprehension about getting inked for the first time. But I received a warm welcome and the artist worked with me patiently to customize a design. He thoroughly answered all my questions and explained the after-care guidelines. What I liked best is there was not rush of any kind - you can think calmly and decide what goes on your skin. They even put it in their interior - THINK & INK, lol. The final tattoo came out fine. It's healing now. I'll update how it goes!.”

Aditi Saxena

“I had an amazing experience with piercer Uma Devi. The first time I got a conch and lobe piercing which was pretty much painless and very hygienic. It was very wholesome with friendly staff, good ambiance and the best quality of equipment and products used. Uma Devi is very professional and has the best advice with regard to the placement, jewellery and after care for the piercing. Even when my skin got a little burnt due to excessive savlon, I reached out to them again and they guided me through the entire healing process.I loved the experience so much, I got another piercing today itself. My word would be to not think again before going into this place. I’m sure you’ll come out happy with the results :))”

Ameena Khandker

I got a tattoo done here earlier in November 2023 and a helix piercing yesterday. Absolutely loved the experience. The artists are lovely, well experienced and professional but also sociable. The artists are very attentive and listen to your ideas to give an amazing tattoo. The music playing in the background, properly lit space and well-maintained clean space adds to the comfortable ambience of the studio. If you want an overall amazing experience, do visit this one. Loved it!

Pooja Reddy

This tattoo studio is an absolute gem. I had a fantastic experience, and I can't praise them enough. The artists are not only exceptionally talented but also incredibly friendly and attentive. They transformed my ideas into a beautiful tattoo that I adore.

What sets this studio apart is its commitment to hygiene and cleanliness.

From the moment I walked in, I felt valued as a customer. If you're seeking a stellar tattoo experience, look no further. This studio deserves every one of its five stars!

Pallavi Sravantika

“Ambience, Hygiene, Expertise and Hospitality = GUNS AND INKS !! Couldn't have gotten my second tattoo done from anywhere else! Vicky(tattoo artist) had done the work precisely and so beautifully!! Would recommend everyone whom I know to get a tattoo done right there anytime!! Am just eager to get another one done very soon!! Thank you GUNS AND INKS - for putting a piece of puzzle so perfectly giving more meaning to the picture of my life!!New update - very skillful artists - Aman, Shrey and Bhanu - they have been on point with customisation and doing the tattoo... Excellent work - recommend the place always!!!”

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