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Our Team

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Founder & Partner

Rita, the founder artist of GUNS AND INKS TATTOOS, is a passionate tattoo artist with a creative vision for her work. She strongly believes that the body is a canvas, and that tattoos are a way of expressing oneself and their beliefs. She has been tattooing for over 10 years and her artistry has been featured in numerous social platforms. Above all, Rita loves to make her clients feel special and appreciated. Her team takes time to listen to each of their stories and create a design that they will be proud of. The whole team has a clear vision of how tattoos should look, and they work tirelessly to bring her vision to life.

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Co-Founder & Partner

Vikas is a renowned tattoo artist since 2012 in the industry. He has made a name for himself as one of the most talented and skilled tattoo artists in Hyderabad. Vikas pursued tattooing at a very young age. As a child, he was always drawn to art and had a natural talent for drawing and craft. When he was 17, he began exploring the world of tattooing and quickly realized that he had a knack for it. Vikas has become renowned for his overwhelming custom designs and has tattooed some of the most famous clients, including celebrities, athletes and politicians.

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Studio Manager

Aman, the dynamic Studio Manager at Guns and Inks Tattoos in Hyderabad, with a profound passion for body art and years of experience in the industry, Aman is the driving force behind our studio's impeccable operations and customer satisfaction. His role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, from managing appointments and ensuring a sterile environment to facilitating seamless communication between clients and artists. Aman's dedication ensures that every client's experience at Guns and Inks Tattoos is nothing short of extraordinary.

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Tattoo Artist

Shrey, an up and coming tattoo artist at Guns and Inks Tattoos, who is quickly carving a niche for himself in the realm of surrealism. Renowned for his exceptional ability to merge the surreal with the tangible, Shrey creates masterpieces that transcend the boundaries of traditional tattoo art. He is a captivating artist who showcases how dreams can be etched into skin, with each piece embodying a depth of imagination and an intricate level of detail that is truly unparalleled. His work is a dialogue between the artist's mind and the canvas of the human body, making every tattoo a personal journey of exploration and discovery. Shrey’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what tattoo art can achieve ensures that every piece is not just seen but felt, making him a true asset to the Guns and Inks Tattoos team and a luminary in the world of tattooing.

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Tattoo Artist

Bhanu, a distinguished tattoo artist at Guns and Inks Tattoos, where his prowess in line art and minimal tattoos sets him apart. Bhanu's artistry is a celebration of precision and simplicity, crafting tattoos that speak volumes through the minimalist approach. His line work is impeccable, with each stroke demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail and an elegant restraint that transforms minimal designs into profound statements on the skin. Bhanu’s approach to tattooing is deeply personal, working closely with clients to ensure their visions are brought to life in a way that surpasses expectations. At Guns and Inks Tattoos, he stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the art of line work and minimal tattoos, inviting those who step into his space to embark on a journey of discovery, where each line and curve is a pathway to a deeper meaning.


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Uma Devi

Senior Piercer

Uma, our senior most piercer has an experience of over 35 years and is capable of doing all types of piercings. She is the Training head at Guns and Inks and has trained more than 250 piercing artists.

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