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Tattoos are prone to infection during the first 7 days. WATER, SUNLIGHT, DUST and NAILS cause INFECTION. Please follow the below given instructions:

Remove the covering as soon as you reach home and wash with diluted antiseptic solution (Lukewarm water with Dettol/Savlon 5 drops). Pat, dry with a tissue. Massage with Soframycin Skin Cream with medium pressure. 


FIRST 7 DAYS : APPLY a thin layer of COCONUT OIL before going for shower. Don’t APPLY soap or scrub on the tattoo. After shower WIPE with a TISSUE and pat dry. Keep the skin open at all times. When going out in the sun/pollution cover your tattoo with dark clothing. AVOID wearing LIGHT coloured clothes for the first 10 days. Please do not involve in any kind of workouts – NO SWEATING AT ALL. Redness/Swelling/Watery serum on your tattoo is normal for the initial 3-4 days only. If it continues to be on the 5th day, please contact us. 


FIRST 15 - 25 DAYS : MASSAGE your tattoo with SOFRAMYCIN SKIN CREAM (available in medical stores) by applying pressure for 5-10 seconds only 3-4 times a day. You will observe dead skin peeling off along with the ink. DO NOT PICK at your peeling skin (dead skin). This pulls out the ink from the deepest layer of your tattoo. Healing tattoos will be itchy while healing. Slap your tattoo.... DON'T SCRATCH ON YOUR TATTOO. 


Tattoos look extremely dull and faded while healing. Your tattoo will start to look normal after 3-5 weeks and eventually heals in 3 months. You might find ink missing (gaps) in the tattoo, which is why we recommend you to take an appointment to refill your tattoo (Cost Rs.600/1000) after 3 Months. DO NOT consume ALCOHOL for 48 hours after tattoo. Any type of food that can increase body heat and cause pus/infection to be avoided for the first 10 days. Avoid SUN EXPOSURE. Less tanning makes your tattoo look darker. Call 8886886600 for any queries.


To avoid complications like an infection or piercings that shrink or close, dermatologists recommend that everyone with new piercings follow these steps:

1.     Leave the jewellery in for eight weeks or more, even at night. Removing the starter earrings too early may cause the piercings to close.

2.     Always wash your hands before touching new piercings. This helps prevent an infection. Do not fiddle with the studs as they may cause trauma to the freshly pierced wound.

3.     Gently clean your piercings(use an earbud) by mixing 4 drops of water with 1 drop of antiseptic liquid (not soap or handwash) at least once a day. This will help prevent an infection.

4.     Avoid soaking your piercing in water (careful when using bath tubs/prolonged showers). Please DO NOT use turkey towels to avoid trauma to the fresh piercing.

5.     Cold compress will help in reducing the swelling. We recommend a gel pack with a cloth cover to avoid water droplets getting onto your piercing.

Keep an eye on your piercings. If a piercing gets sore, red, or puffy, or it oozes yellowish liquid, you may have an infection. These do not go away quickly, see a board-certified dermatologist.

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