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Changing attitudes towards body art

Updated: Apr 15

Messi kissing the World Cup tattoo design, a tribute by Guns and Inks, Hyderabad's elite Tattoo and Piercing studio, celebrating a legendary moment in sports.

I used to work in the corporate world in the 2000's and very rarely saw anyone with ink and if they had ink they would have it covered up. I always wondered why it was seen as a taboo in the corporate world. If you look at sporting icons like Messi in football or Virat Kohli in cricket expressing one self is not such a major concern, if anything it's easily accepted.

So it got me wondering which I still don't unfortunately have answers for. I wonder if expressing your opinion in one way or the other has implications on brand reputation or sending the wrong message to the board or their customers. I have had clients reaching out asking if I do tattoo removal as either their families don't like it or they are taking a senior position and feel it's inappropriate to have tattoos.

If you are different to most others or don't mind stating out and standing tall to be willing to say - I am who I am, then please share this post and share your opinions on this topic. If you want to break the shackles and get inked do not hesitate to contact me. I will make sure my team understands the implications of the wrong message subliminally shared via a tattoo. We will design them in such a way you can still be true to yourself without conveying the wrong message.

It's time we need to adapt to changing attitudes towards body art.


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