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Piercing Your Way to Weight Loss: Insights from Guns and Inks Tattoo and Piercing Studio

Updated: Apr 16

image of all the piercing points in a human ear that can aid health benefits at the best piercing and tattoo shop near me


While the primary motivation for most people getting pierced is aesthetics or personal expression, there’s been increasing buzz about specific piercings possibly aiding in weight loss. At Guns and Inks Tattoo and Piercing Studio, we love sharing the art and science behind our craft. Let’s explore the intriguing intersection of body modification and potential weight loss benefits.

1. The Hunger Curbing Ear Point: The Shen Men

The Shen Men point, also referred to as the "Heavenly Gate," is a renowned spot in traditional Chinese medicine. Located in the upper part of the ear's cartilage, it's believed that when this point is stimulated, it can help manage appetite and reduce stress, both of which play roles in weight loss. Although scientific evidence is limited, some individuals swear by its effectiveness after getting it pierced.

2. The Stomach Point: Hunger Regulation

Another ear point that’s been the subject of speculation is the stomach point. Situated in the inner part of the ear, near the top, it's believed that piercing this point can help regulate hunger and reduce cravings. While this is a more unconventional approach to weight loss, and studies are still ongoing, it's an exciting consideration for piercing enthusiasts.

Image of rook piercing at guns and inks tattoo and piercing studio, the best piercing shop near me

3. Endorphin Release: A Natural High

Any form of piercing induces the body to release endorphins, our natural painkillers, which lead to feelings of euphoria and calmness. While not directly related to weight loss, this temporary endorphin rush can deter emotional eating and promote feelings of well-being.

4. Enhancing Self-Esteem and Body Image

This might not be directly tied to a specific piercing point, but it's worth mentioning. A beautifully done piercing can enhance one's self-confidence. When someone feels confident in their body, they might be more motivated to take care of it, leading to healthier lifestyle choices, including a balanced diet and regular exercise.


Image showing different types of piercings like helix, upper lobe, and rook piercings at the top piercing studio in Hyderabad

While the potential weight loss benefits of specific piercings are intriguing, it's essential to approach this topic with a balanced perspective. No piercing can replace the proven combination of a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle for weight loss.

However, if you're passionate about piercings and curious about their potential additional benefits, our team at Guns and Inks is here to guide you. Always remember, the primary purpose of any piercing should be personal expression and satisfaction.

(Note: If you're considering a piercing for health or wellness reasons, it's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional. And always ensure you follow aftercare instructions diligently to prevent complications.)

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